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Sage Canady is a familiar face in ultra-running with several impressive wins on his resumé. On Sunday he will be running the Telenor CPH Marathon aiming for sub 2.19.00.

Sage Canady from Colorado, USA, is a familiar face among everyone interested in ultra-running, but he is also an excellent marathon runner.

Sunday he will be lining up for the Telenor CPH Marathon at his first marathon outside of the US. And choosing to run in Copenhagen is not coincidental.

“Copenhagen is an amazing city with many resources and a pleasant environment. I was on the lookout for a well-organized marathon with fast competitors and nice weather, so I chose Copenhagen. The race was brought to my attention through social media, where I saw images uploaded by other runners and that piqued my interest”, says Sage Canady.

Going for Olympic trials

Sage Canady has participated in the American Olympic trials on more than one occasion and would very much like to do so again in 2020.

“I would really like to run fast here in Copenhagen, as I am trying to qualify for the American preliminary rounds for the Olympic Games, which will require a time of less than 2.19.00, and the Telenor CPH Marathon seemed like the right choice for me with lots of atmosphere and a flat and fast route”, he says.

It is, however, as an ultra-runner that he has achieved the greatest success, but he likes switching between ultra-running and marathon.

“I enjoy the variation. In winter, for instance, I train more on the roads as there is plenty of snow in the mountains and I enjoy the speed of running on roads, while ultra running in the mountains is a different thing altogether. I also like experiencing the city and urban marathons offer a great opportunity to do so”, says one of USA’s best ultra runners, who is also well-known on social media, where more than 100.000 users subscribe to his YouTube channel Vo2maxProductions while he has more than 55.000 followers on Instagram.

On Sunday during the Telenor CPH Marathon you’ll be able to see Sage Canady among the head of the field with bib number 16 on his chest.