Telenor CPH Marathon 19. maj 2019


The 40th Telenor Copenhagen Marathon anniversary edition is held on Sunday May 19, 2019.

On Sunday, May 19th, it will be the 40th annual edition of the Telenor Copenhagen Marathon.

The race has been organized by Sparta Athletics and Running since the inaugural race in 1980.

Back then, a mere 995 runners took part in the race, and only 47 of these were female. Marathon was new in Denmark, and those who challenged themselves over the classic distance, was considered almost a bit crazy.

Marathon has become a goal for everyone

Over the years, this has changed considerably. Running a marathon is now something lots of people want to experience – and not only once, but often again and again.

The number of participants at the Telenor CPH Marathon is now tenfold, the number of female participants has increased up to 3,000, and the share of international participants is higher than 35 pct.

With an increasing number of entrants, the celebration throughout the streets has also grown bigger and bigger. More than 100,000 spectators filled the streets of Copenhagen this year and contributed to an amazing event with spectacular entertainment and cheering.

Be a part of the anniversary race in 2019

If you want to experience the Telenor CPH Marathon again or maybe even challenge yourself over the marathon distance for the first time, then be sure to save the date of Sunday, May 19, for the anniversary race.

Date: Sunday, May 19, 2019
Registration: Join us on for updates on when entries will open

Below: This whole family participated – except for mum – in 2018 and has already decided to return in 2019 and complete the race, all for of them.