Malene is running her first marathon: “I freaking did this!”
Training for a marathon is a free space that allows Malene to take control in a busy everyday life with family, kids and full-time job. Although she’s a first-timer she is convinced that she’s got this! Sports, family activities, work, commitments – when you have a family and kids as Malene, your schedule is often […]
Malene runs her first CPH Marathon
New hydration zone initiatives: High5 Aqua Gels and drop zones
This year we will add some new initiatives to the on-course hydration zones: High5 Aqua gels and waste drop zones.
Hydration zones energy drink gels Copenhagen Marathon
Træningsstart 14. november: Gratis fællestræning i København hver søndag
Vær med i træningsfællesskabet frem mod Copenhagen Marathon, når Sparta starter gratis fællestræning fra Østerbro hver søndag.
Wojtek is coming directly from the airport: Runs 64 marathons in 62 countries in 52 weeks
If you see this guy tomorrow, bear in mind that he just ran Helsinki marathon Saturday. Does he look tired? Probably not. Does he smile? Yes indeed.
Your Digital Marathon – Here are the numbers
This year’s Telenor Copenhagen Marathon had a digital upgrade. Here are some of the most interesting numbers. 170,000 watched the Telenor Copenhagen Marathon 2017 live stream. That is 16 digital spectators per runner. 35,000 used the Telenor CPH Marathon App. That is 3,4 app user per runner. 215,000 was the number of live room […]
Start din maratontræning til Nike Marathon Start Op
Søndag den 30. oktober kan du løbe med til Nike Marathon Start Op, hvor vi sammen kickstarter træningen frem mod Telenor Copenhagen Marathon med tempo og distancer for alle. Skal dit næste store mål være Telenor Copenhagen Marathon? Så er det tid til at starte med grundtræningen, så du er i god form til den […]