Deltagerrekord ved Telenor Copenhagen Marathon 2019


Danes are flocking to the capital city to run the marathon. With more than 13,000 participants, the participant record has now been broken.

Two days before race start and registrations are still coming in. By Friday evening, close to 13,200 runners had signed up for the 40th edition of the Telenor Copenhagen Marathon.

That is almost 500 more than in 2010, where 12,644 participants set the participant record, which was to last for almost ten years – until today. The anniversary is without doubt a major part of the explanation.

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More Danes to run the marathon

Both the number of domestic and the international runners have increased significantly this year to set the new entrant record.

The number of Danes lining up for race start has gone up from 6,000 in 2018 to more than 8,500 this year. This means that more than 2,500 Danes than last year will be part of the massive field of runners lining up at Islands Brygge this Sunday.

Nordic countries increasing

A large part of the increase is to be attributed to the international runners. Especially the Nordic countries are a major contributor to the running celebration, which is to take place this Sunday.

1,727 runners will be running with a Finish, Swedish, Norwegian or Icelandic flag on their bibs. That is an increase of more thatn 1,000 compared to 2018. However, the field will also see significantly more runners coming from countries as far away as USA and China.

No less than 100 nations will be represented in this year’s field.

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