The finish area of the 37th edition of Copenhagen Marathon erupts in scenes of cheer. Despite challenges, the race management is happy with how the event was executed.

With blazing sun and temperatures nearing 25 degrees, the Copenhagen weather showed both its best and worst side.

The best side because it made for close to perfect conditions for the thousands of spectators at Islands Brygge and all around the course. The worst, when seen through the eyes of many of the runners, as the heat took it’s toll on them.

In our experience, both the Elite and more average runner suffered in the heat and many runnes did not drink enough fluids. Next year we will make sure to have more hydration stations around the course Says Dorte Vibjerg, CEO of Sparta.

Experience solves challenges

Sparta Athletics & Running have held Copenhagen Marathon since 1980 and with years of experience, logistic struggles rarely occur on race day. This was the case today as well.

We had slight issues with the traffic and the usual trials you have when the start area holds thousands of runners and many enthusiastic spectators. All taken into account this year’s Telenor Copenhagen Marathon was conducted really well Says Lars Nissen, Race Director of Sparta.

There were no issues to be found in the paramedic area though. The heat effected a lot of runners and several runners collapsed just before the finish line or just after crossing it. Every time, Sparta’s paramedics were waiting to give the necessary assistance.

Runner safety is our top priority and I am very proud of our paramedics and medical team who handle every demanding situation with steady hands Says Dorte Vibjerg.

Next Telenor Copenhagen Marathon is held on May 21, 2017. Registration is open.