Gavekort julegave Copenhagen Marathon oplevelsesgave


Looking for a Christmas present that will bring joy and memories in the long run? 

Then here is the prefect idea.

First of all, a gift card for the Copenhagen Marathon 2022 truly is a Christmas present nobody ever will forget. Neither who gave it to them.

A Copenhagen Marathon entry under the Christmas three will bring joy both to the enthusiastic runner, who has been training for months already, and to the couch-lover with a constant bad conscience, who really just need a kind kick in the butt to up and get running. Well … for the latter it may take a little while before the present really starts bringing joy …

No matter what, we’ve never heard about anyone who has ever regretted going for a run. And if they do, the regret won’t kick in until the last 10-12 kilometres of a marathon, and by then you’ll be almost finished anyway.

What’s not to like?

How it works (and can the present be returned?)

A gift card for the Copenhagen Marathon costs 98 EUR (DKK 725) and is valid for the Copenhagen Marathon 2022 or 2023.

The gift card is redeemed by a vouchercode. It is not possible to get rid off the gift card, once the recipient has received it. However, it is only personalized when redeemed, after which point the regular terms and conditions apply.

Buy the Copenhagen Marathon for a Christmas present here

Psst ..

If the full distance is too much, from December 1, you can buy Christmas gift cards for the CPH Half 2022 – which is exactly half the distance but the full fun package.