Donating an organ doesn’t necessarily put a stop to an active lifestyle and running marathons. Nicolas Miltiadous from Cyprus is a running prove of that.

Just months after undergoing surgery to give his mother one of his kidneys, 31-year-old Nicolas Miltiadous will be joining us from the island of Cyprus, taking part in the Telenor Copenhagen Marathon.

By participating, he wants to prove that his quality of life has been unaffected by the transplant, and raise awareness for the Cyprus Transplant Association.

“I was always under the impression that donating a kidney would mean a loss of quality of life and that the donor wouldn’t be able to do the things they did before. This is absolutely not true and I want to prove through my participation in races that nothing changes and even with one kidney you can remain active and have a regular life. And i am very excited to participate in the 40th Telenor Copenhagen Marathon as a means to show this.”

There are 850 million people with kidney problems and 80,000 in Cyprus, he adds, and last year, 2.4 million people died of kidney problems.

This will be the Cypriots 3rd race this month as he has decided to participate in one race every Sunday throughout the month of May going above and beyond in proving his point.

We wish him luck!