The new Copenhagen Marathon course boasts authentic Copenhagen vibes – from green parks and historic landmarks to architectonic highlights and hipster hoods.     

Recently we announced a new start and finish area for the Copenhagen Marathon as of this year’s edition.

A renewal, which also entails an entirely new course for the around 12,000 participants that are expected to run the marathon this year.

And there is something to look forward to: 42.195 memorable kilometers past architectonic highlights, historic landmarks, and – not least – thousands of spectators. A course that takes you through all the neighborhoods with each of their own distinct vibe.

From the green lung of the city into the buzzing streets

The runners will start off from the new starting area at Øster Allé, surrounded by the green lungs of the city – Copenhagen’s largest park, “Fælledparken”.

From there on they will move on into the city, through the charming streets of Copenhagen, the hipster “bro’s”, and the old, historic parts of the city.

Excited and nervous, the many runners will be sweeping through the traffic-free streets, passing by imposing buildings and architectonic landmarks with a feeling of being right in the center of a historic capital, writing their own small piece of history.

The CPH Marathon team looks forward to turning 42.195 kilometers of Copenhagen into one day of history that all participants will remember.

Explore the new course here

Selected highlights

NyboderNyboder. This historic and picturesque neighborhood, a centrally located spectator spot, was built in the 17th century to house the nation’s seafaring men and their families and still stands in its beautiful original colors.
Queen Louise’s Bridge. A popular hangout and historic gateway between the ever-vibrant Nørrebro and the Inner City turns into an electric cheering spot that is sure to give you goosebumps.Dr. Louises Bro
Kongens Nytorv King’s New Square. Feel the presence of history as you sweep past Copenhagen’s most beautiful public square, sorrounded by glorious, important buildings and thousands of spectators.
The Triangle. At the centre of Østerbro – Copenhagen’s greenest neighborhood – you will be cheered off onto the course and once again right before you take on the final efforts down the homestretch towards the finish line.Trianglen
TivoliTivoli.One of the oldest amusement parks in the world and location for the official breakfast run, lights up the city and spreads its magic to make you feel at home in fairytale Copenhagen.

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