Seven former Danish national handball team player fought and won Gold at the Olympics in Atlanta 1996. Back then, they were called the Iron Ladies. On Sunday the completed the marathon distance on wheels.

As if the Atlanta Olympic triumph wasn’t enough, they strove all the way to the top, the year after, and won their first – and so far, only – World Championships gold ever, as they almost erased the legacy enemy Norway with 33-20. Today´s focus is the Telenor Copenhagen Marathon, and the team are grateful to be a part of the race.

” We think it’s great to be able to participate in this exciting event, since marathon has always been an unattainable distance for a handball player, because we are sprinters! Trine Bay says.

For team “Go To Move” focus is all about completing as a team, without leaving anyone behind. Therefore, the end result is not important, but the team expects to reach the finish line after three hours.

” We look forward to the good atmosphere, and to spend time together as a team again, Trine Bay concludes.

Janne Kolling, Annette Hoffmann, Tina Bøtzau, Trine Bay, Henriette Busk, Anne Brøndsted og Anne-Dorte Tanderup are looking forward to their first marathon ever.