Julie samler penge ind til Børnecancerfonden ved Telenor CPH Marathons jubilæumsløb i 2019


Julie Alstrup runs Telenor Copenhagen Marathon’s 40th anniversary race in 2019 with the purpose of raising money for Children’s Cancer Foundation and chasing a personal dream. 

25 year old Julie Alstrup has many joyful memories from her childhood and upbringing in the small village Borris in Western Jutland.

Many of them are related to running and participating in races with her father, Svend-Erik. Running being a natural part of her life ever since she was a kid, her dad’s joy of running has had a big influence on Julie’s life and the project that she has started.

”My father has been running ever since I was a little girl. I have been to many races with him and also participated in lots of children’s races. We have been in Copenhagen with him several times to see him run the Copenhagen Marathon, and that definitely has influenced on the fact that I’m now training for the Copenhagen Marathon next year,” Julie tells.

Runs for a greater cause

Running through the streets of Copenhagen and Frederiksberg next year, Julie will makes sure her running joy benefits a greater cause.

She has been given the opportunity to run for the foundation called Fundracers, who raises money for the Children’s Cancer Foundation. Julie is glad that she is able to help others by running 42,195 kilometres.

”I hope to raise between 5000 and 8000 Danish Kroner through my private fundraising campaign. I love to be able to do something for others, while at the same time it helps me stay motivated, when it gets tough,” Julie says.

Jakob Bay etablerede Fundracers, som gennem forskellige løb indsamler penge til Børnecancerfonden

Jakob Bay is the founder of Fundracers, who raises money for the Children’s Cancer Foundation through numerous race events.

Dad’s last marathon race

Beside Julie’s fundraising project, she also has a very personal hope for her participation in the Telenor Copenhagen Marathon’s 40th anniversary race.

Currently she is training with her dad, and if he manages to get ready for the marathon distance, this will probably be his last marathon race.

“He ran his first marathon in Copenhagen in 2002, while we were cheering for him. In 2017 we should have done it together all the way, but it didn’t work out. So I’m hoping it will be possible at the 40th anniversary race, because Copenhagen Marathon is just the best race, and it would be amazing to experience it together,” Julie tells.

At the moment, Julie runs 45-50 kilometres per week, primarily in Aarhus, which is the second largest city in Denmark. But when visiting her hometown Borris and her family, she runs together with her father.

”I still love to run with my dad, and we do it every time I’m home visiting.”

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