Local training communities

We are proud to support local running communities training for the Telenor Copenhagen Marathon. Everyone can join – it’s free and for all abilities.

Telenor Copenhagen Marathon organises free marathon training hosted by local running communities all over Denmark.

The community trainings run on weekly, semi-weekly or monthly basis, and runners at all levels are welcome to join from session to session. Distances are increased slowly starting out at about 13 km increasing to 30 km. The crews typically split up into different pace groups ranging from 4:30 – 6:30 min/km pace to fit runners at almost all levels.

What you get

… apart from a great company and a network of other runners 🙂

 Planned routes every time
 Water, fuel and recovery snacks
 Pacesetters in different paces
 A chance to win a free race entry
 Often an option to shorten or increase the distance
 Organised test runs (not in all locations)

A list of all local training communities will be posted here in due time before training starts and will be continiously updated.

Get started training for the Telenor Copenhagen Marathon