I love a good city marathon

Ever since Louise Bjerremann Jensen moved to Copenhagen, she has run all over the city. Louise is an experienced runner with 16 marathons on the resume, a great passion for the running community NBRO, and an infinite love for the city of Copenhagen. Learn more about Louise's best running experiences and tips here.

Name: Louise Bjerremann Jensen

Age: 40 years

City: Nørrebro, Copenhagen

Number of times you have participated in CPH Marathon: 3 times (2013-2015)

Number of marathons you have completed: 16

Years of running: 10 years

Do you run with a club or community: Yes, NBRO

Instagram: @ullubulullu

What I love about Copenhagen

I love the size of Copenhagen and that you can around on bike. I also love the location of Copenhagen, there are lots of nice areas along the water, which I enjoy to run at. You can also take a dip in one of the many harbour baths - that is very special. In the summer we often plan our jogs to end by the harbour, so we can take a well deserved dip in the water.

Nørrebro, which is the area of Copenhagen I live at, has a special place in my heart. It is never quiet and there are so many different kinds of people living here. I love to walk around Nørrebro; into the cemetery Assistens Kirkegård, through the streets Stefansgade and Jægersborggade, on to the Black Square and so on. Besides, Nørrebro has just got several new metro stations, which have connected Copenhagen even more.

A true city race

What makes Copenhagen Marathon speciel is that you are running by so many of the great sightseeings. It is quite unique for a city marathon that such a great part of the course is located in the center of the city.

Furthermore, the entertainment and cheering along the course are very special.

As a member of the running community NBRO my favorite place on the course is Dronning Louise’s Bridge. Here, NBRO puts in a huge honor in making the craziest cheering party for ALL runners. It is the best feeling to run on that bridge and also to help create the party by cheering, if you are not running.

Rule number one…

… is to be prepared for Copenhagen Marathon – or any marathon. It takes a lot of kilometres to prepare for a marathon, and they have to be run correct as well. I mean you are not supposed to stand on the start line with tired legs.

Furthermore, you should consider your mental preparation – what are you going to occupy your head with for 3-4-5-6 hours? That is an important consideration that most people don’t think about.

8 tips from the experienced marathon runner

  • Avoid walking too much before the race - take a couple of days after the race to experience the city in an easy pace.
  • Rent a bike so you can save your legs.
  • Make sure to eat a lot both before and after the race. Copenhagen has also got a number of good coffee and beer opportunities.
  • If you dare, you should take a dip in the one of the many harbour baths.
  • Take the train to Louisiana in Humlebæk, it is a fantastic museum.
  • Take the bike to Refshaleøen and get some nice food.
  • Check out Vega's concert calendar, it is the best venue in Copenhagen.
  • Take a walk along the harbour and experience the old buildings and the new architecture. Also visit Christianshavn on the way and see the old channels or visit Vor Frelser Church, where you can watch Copenhagen from the top of it's tower.