Malene runs her first CPH Marathon


Training for a marathon is a free space that allows Malene to take control in a busy everyday life with family, kids and full-time job. Although she’s a first-timer she is convinced that she’s got this!

Sports, family activities, work, commitments – when you have a family and kids as Malene, your schedule is often fully booked.

But when it comes to running, this is something you decide for yourself.  An opportunity to step out of the hamster wheel and into a free space where thoughts and to-do lists vanish. A chance to take back control – and loose it for a just a while.

After several years spent building their new house, Malene has decided to run her first marathon. To have a something that is hers alone. That she has decided to do, and that nobody else can accomplish for her.

With the normal ups and downs in everyday life with kids, the doubt is something that is always present in the back of the mind. Sometimes the runs just have to wait until the family schedule allows it.

But the will power and the faith is definitely there. And rain or bad weather are not valid excuses, because there is no time or room for excuses. Excuses are not an option. Will it be tough? Yes. But after having given birth to three children, Malene is confident that she can do it!

“The feeling you get once you accomplish something that you’ve set your mind to and worked hard for, is quite powerful. A feeling of pride, for sure, but also just “Yes, I freaking did this!”

Malene is running her first CPH Marathon

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