The latest weather forecasts for Sunday’s race say temperatures up to 22 degrees. Read this advice on how to prepare for the race. 

The excellent weather in Copenhagen seems to continue into Sunday’s Telenor CPH Marathon. This makes it even more important to maintain your fluid balance and stay hydrated. Follow the recommendations below to get through the race safely.

1. Drink sufficiently

Be sure to stay hydrated by drinking sufficiently on the day before the race.

2. Wear less clothes

Wear as little clothes as possible during the race: shorts and T-shirt or a singlet. To keep you warm until race start, it may be a good idea to wear a sweat shirt to leave at the starting area or use one of the rain capes handed out at the baggage drop off.

3. Remember sun screen

Don’ forget to use sun protection, and perhaps wear a sun cap if you like.

4. Drink at all hydration zones

Start taking in water and energy drink already at the very first hydration station. Don’t skip any hydration stations, even if you just drink a little bit. If you start hydrating too late, it may be too late to restore your fluid balance.

5. Take in both water and energy

You will need to take in both water and energy supplies during the race. But your body’s capability to absorbe sugar will be reduced in warm conditions, so drink more water and don’t take in too much sugar.

6. Take your time at the hydration zones

Take your time to drink at the hydration zones. Even if means that you will spend more time at the hydration zones, it may be time well spent. 

About the hydration zones

There are hydration zones at every 3 – 4 kilometres along the entire course. All zones are equally equipped offering the following supplies:

      1. Showers
      2. Water in plastic cups
      3. High5 EnergySource in plastic cups
      4. Water in plastic cups
      5. Orange and banana bites (at every other station)
      6. Toilets
      7. Medical staff and vaseline

Get more information about the hydration zones

See on the map where the hydration zones are located

Safety & medical staff

Medical staff and doctors will be present at the starting and finish line, along the course and on all hydration zones, ready to assist whenever needed.

If you need medical assistance or see other runners who are having difficulties, contact an official or medical staff for help. We remind you that it is your own responsibility that the personal information in your entrant profile correspond with your bib number.

We also encourage participants to use the backside of the bib number to inform about any health problems that we should know about as well as primary contact person.

Enjoy your marathon

If you follow the above mentioned tips and recommendations, we are sure that you will enjoy the race and have a good time.