I will never forget my first marathon

Marianne has been running for five years and has participated in Copenhagen Marathon once. She thinks it is very special to race in the center of Denmark's capital. Hear about Marianne's experiences and tips here.

Name: Marianne

Age: 33 years

City: Brøndby, Copenhagen

Number of times you have participated in CPH Marathon: 1 time CPH Marathon and 5 times CPH Half

Number of marathons you have completed: 1

Years of running: approx. 5 years

Do you run with a club or community: I have a lot of training buddies, which I run with once in awhile. But mostly I run by myself.

Instagram: @marianne_n


Marianne’s first marathon

I remember all of Copenhagen Marathon as one of the best experiences I have ever had. With that said, there is no doubt that reaching the finish line was a very special experience because of all the people cheering for you, while you are overwhelmed by the fact that you have just completed a marathon.

It is special to run in the center of a capital, to experience the atmosphere and the giant setup it takes to make a race like Copenhagen Marathon.

If you wish to experience a true running party, I recommend to run Copenhagen Marathon. Most of Copenhagen is closed and many, many people are out cheering for you in the streets.

I am almost certain that you will feel the vibe and atmosphere one way or another, whether you are running or not. Copenhagen Marathon is definitely the race with the craziest setting that I have ever participated in.

"I love Copenhagen, and I love to run in the many green areas like Søndermarken, Frederiksberg Have and the Lakes. I also love to ride my bike together with my friends at Amager Fælled.

When I was younger I loved to go shopping at Strøget with my friends, nowadays I prefer to visit cafés and restaurants in the cozy streets in center and do the shopping at the shopping malls."

From one marathon runner to another

I will recommend to make a trip out of it instead of just considering it a race. Book a central located hotel and make sure to get out and experience the city. But remember you are running 42,2 km on Sunday, so save your legs as much as possible. Take a tourist bus or a canal tour around that way you can enjoy the city while resting your legs.