Hydration zones energy drink gels Copenhagen Marathon


This year we will add some new initiatives to the on-course hydration zones: High5 Aqua gels and waste drop zones.

When you hit the hydration zones along the course to hydrate and refuel or chill down with a running shower, there will be some extra news this year to look forward to.

Agua gels – an extra shot of energy

This year you have the option to refuel with an orange-flavoured High5 Aqua gel at the hydration zones placed at 16.1 and 26.9 kilometres.

And if you’d like to add an extra boost of energy that will give you wings towards the finish line, grab a cup of (diluted) Red Bull at km 40.2.

Get more info about the hydration zones

Drop zones – a better way for waste disposal

Also new this year are “drop zones” in connection with all the hydration zones.

Drop zones are 100 meter long date disposal sektions where you can easily dispose of your waste as you run past it.

The drop zones will be located both before and after handout of water, energy drink, and High5 Aqua gels.

Thank you for using the drop zones and helping us to better take care of the local environment.

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