Run with a pace team

Many inexperienced runners can advantage from running together with experienced marathoners – our official pace teams.

The pace teams will help you keep a steady pace throughout the race, keep up motivation and reach your goal finish time.

Running with the pace teams is a free service for all runners, and you can decide on race day which team you want to follow.

Place yourself in the start section

Position yourself in the start section behind the pace team you want to run with.

Please choose a pace team in the same start group as your expected finish time. For everybody to have a smooth and safe race start, be realistic about your expected finish time. Don’t set out too fast; it is far better to start off in a moderate pace and then later on increase your pace and perhaps catch up with a faster pace team.

The start sections will be signposted to help you position yourself correctly according to your expected finish time, and the pacesetters will be easy to spot carrying colored balloons indicating their finish time

Pace team finish times

Finish time (h:min) Pace (min/km) Balloon Color
3:00 4:16
3:10 4:30
3:20 4:44
3:30 4:59
3:40 5:13
3:50 5:27
4:00 5:41
4:10 5:55
4:20 6:10
4:30 6:24
4:40 6:38
4:50 6:52
5:00 7:07