Find your pace

The pacesetters help you to keep a steady pace and reach your goal finish time. The pacesetters are easy to spot at the start carrying colored balloons indicating their the pace teams’ times.

Place yourself in the start section

Position yourself at the start behind one of the pace teams. Even if you are not running with a pace team, you must position yourself according to your expected finish time. The start section will be signposted to help you position yourself correctly according to your expected finish time.

Pace & finish times 

Finish time min/km Balloon Color
3:00 4:16
3:10 4:30
3:20 4:44
3:30 4:59
3:40 5:13
3:50 5:27
4:00 5:41
4:10 5:55
4:20 6:10
4:30 6:24
4:40 6:38
4:50 6:52
5:00 7:07

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