Digital finisher service

Your results

On the live room you can view your results during and after the race. You can also see race statistics, leaderboard and much more.

Finisher certificate

You can print your finisher certificate at just after the race.

Live zone photos & video

Smile while you run! During the race you will pass through 4 live zones, where you will have photos and video taken of you. All the footage is available in real-time at and in the CPH Marathon app, where you can view the photos and video after the race.

New! Personalized finisher video

New this year, you get a free personalized finisher video as a memento of your marathon.

The video is ready for you a couple of days after the race. When the video is ready, you will be notified via email and SMS text message (if you have entered your mobile number. If not, you can still add it in your online entrant profile).

Celebration Photo

Be sure to have your free Celebration Photo taken on the blue carpet after crossing the finish line. The photo is sent to you on email and SMS text message (if you have entered your mobile number) and will also be integrated into your personalized finisher video.