Have plenty of time to get there

Whether you are walking, going by bike, or take public transport make sure you have plenty of time to get to the start.

If you can’t walk or bike to the start we recommend public transport to the start. Parking is very limited and many streets are closed, so leave the car at home and take public transport.

You can use Rejseplanen to plan your journey and find out how much time you need.

You can buy an event ticket, which will make it easier to get around on race day. The event ticket is valid for 12 hours and includes unlimited transportation by bus, train, and metro.

Read more and buy your event ticket here

Keep informed in the map

Use the map of the start and finish area at the bottom to orientate yourself, so you know where to find entrance, meeting points, toilets, baggage storage etc.

If you need to know more about baggage storage, hydration, medical aid, how to position in the start area, and other practical information regarding the start and finish area you can read more by clicking at the button.

Read more about the start and finish area here

Use the interactive course map to see the course, crossing points, hydration etc. The interactive course map is also available in the app, so both runners and spectators can orientate in the map.

See the interactive course map here

Runners Area opens 7:30 am

Participants have access to Runners Area, spectators don’t have access inside the red lines on the map.

There are three entrances and exits (A, B, and C) where participants can access and leave Runners Area. This area is only for participants.

Entrances and exits are also meeting points, where participants can meet up with family and friends after the race.

The information and baggage storage open 7.30 am.

Click on the map to zoom.