Start sections

Participants at the Telenor Copenhagen Marathon are not assigned to a specific start section. You are to place yourself in the start section corresponding to your anticipated finish time.

Division of the start section

The start section is divided into a number of sections indicating finish times and pace. All runners are to place themselves in the section corresponding to one’s target finish time. If you aren’t sure about your finish time, place yourself according to the pace you want to start at.

Below you can see a map of the starting area and the division og start sections and pace teams (click to zoom).

Be realistic

It is important that you are being realistic when assessing your target finish time and not position yourself in a start section that is too fast.

This way all runners get the best conditions for a smooth and comfortable race start.

Follow the official pace teams

You can follow one of the official 13 pace teams targeting finish times between 3 and 5 hours. The pace teams are positioned throughout the start section, where you easily can recognize them by their colored balloons.

Learn about the pace teams

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