Team Aya på rejse mod Telenor Copenhagen Marathon for at samle ind til Børnecancerfonden


Thomas Mørkedal and his brother-in-law Mads are running Telenor Copenhagen Marathon May 19th and they have one very special reason.

“Cancer is just a shitty disease, and especially when children and young people are affected, because they have not been smoking 40-50 cigarettes a day for 50 years. They should not have to think about their next chemotherapy appointment. They should think about their first day of school, which education they would like to get and so on,” says 38-year-old Mads Mørkedal from Ringsted, who founded Team Aya in 2018.

Team Aya is named after Mads’s four-year-old niece Aya from Ørslev, who has been diagnosed with a brain tumor, and besides Mads Team Aya consists of father Thomas Mørkedal, who himself had a brain tumor removed back in 2017.

“Fortunately, my tumor was removable, but 7 months after my operation, Aya was diagnosed with a big brain tumor, which can’t be removed by operation, and therefore she is now undergoing an 18 months chemotherapy course. In connection with Aya’s admission I learned about Fundracers, who raises money for Children’s Cancer Foundation, and now it is Fundracers that form the basis of my and Mads’s project,” says Thomas Mørkedal.

On a united marathon journey

Therefore, Mads and Thomas are running Telenor Copenhagen Marathon together on May 19th, where they also raise money for the Danish Childhood Cancer Foundation through their marathon training.

“When we got the opportunity to run a marathon for Fundracers and raise money for Children’s Cancer Foundation, we had no doubt. It is a huge motivation to help these super heroes, who fight this horrible disease, and even though we only contribute a little financially, it is better than nothing,” says Thomas and Mads.

For both of them it is their first marathon. They run most of the long runs together, and they are looking forward to May 19th.

“We don’t know what it takes to run a marathon, actually, but we have heard that the atmosphere is amazing in Copenhagen and this time it is even the 40th anniversary race,” says Team Aya.