Monday, April 29, is your last chance to register if you want your name and flag printed on your bib.

With your name and country flag on your race bib you will be two steps ahead when the start gun goes off on Sunday, May 19.

It will make it easier for the thousands of spectators to cheer you on and to encourage you along the course – and you will most likely need all the support you can get.

Sign up before April 29

Everyone who registers for the Telenor Copenhagen Marathon no later than Monday, April 29, at 23:59pm CEST will automatically have their bib personalized with first name and country flag.

Therefore, if you are correctly registered, you don’t need to do anything.

Modify your name and nationality

In case you entered a wrong nationality (not your place of residence), you can log onto your entrant profile to modify your nationality.

Modifying your first name is not possible to do on your entrant profile. Instead you need to contact us at [email protected] to have it changed.

Deadline for change of name and nationality is Monday, April 29, 23:59pm CEST 

Register for the Telenor Copenhagen Marathon here

Registration or entry transfer after April 29

If you register later than April 29, it is not possible to have your bib personalized.

If you transfer your entry or take over somebody else’s entry after April 29, the new entrant will get a blank bib, provided that the transfer has been carried out properly as described here