Copenhagen is my entire life

Thomas Hindborg Petersen knows Copenhagen very well - he has lived here his entire life and his family live here. He owns a café at Nørrebro and he loves to run. Thomas ran his first marathon at Copenhagen Marathon 2019, hear about his experience and tips here.

Name: Thomas Hindborg Petersen

Age: 28 years

City: Frederiksberg, Copenhagen

Number of times you have participated in CPH Marathon: 1 time (2019)

Number of marathons you have completed: 1

Years of running: 2 years

Do yo run with a club or community: No, but I joined Sparta’s free group training towards Copenhagen Marathon 2019.

Instagram: @thomashp

Copenhagen Marathon is special

My relationship with Copenhagen Marathon was molded on race day. It was my marathon debut and I could just feel how all of Copenhagen was ready to carry us.

I could feel the energy from Frederiksberg, where I live, through the empty streets towards the start area. Most of the people I met on the way were heading in the same direction, with the same goal, the same excitement and the same nervousness.

When I reached the starting area I was very calm and filled up with electricity at the same time. I could feel the other people’s emotions in the starting area – some would become very happy, some would feel extreme pain, some would be disappointed and so on.

Copenhagen Marathon is special to me because it is my city, it is here my family lives, it is here all of my friends live, it is in these streets I live my life, walk my dog Pia, go to and from work, do my running and all the other things I use this city for. 

Despite all of that, I felt like a tourist during Copenhagen Marathon because it was nothing like what I experience in my everyday life, and that is why Copenhagen Marathon special to me.

"Copenhagen is my entire life, my home, my childhood, my everyday life and most likely also my future. That makes Copenhagen special to me.

I believe Copenhagen has everything, it has green areas close to the center, it has water only 20 minutes on bike from the center, where you can wind and kite surf, it has the center, where you can party, relax, enjoy excellent food, go to street food markets or just enjoy the nice atmosphere. It has everything right in front of you."

Thomas' tips for marathon runners

  • It is always very important to take your training serious and begin in good time. You should not worry about if it is even possible to run a marathon on race day - that is not what your energy should be focus on!
  • Observe the course, talk to people who know the race and get a sense of it - where are the challenges, and where can you enjoy the city?
  • Come early to the start area and watch the atmosphere, energy, excitement and nervousness.
  • Make a plan and stick to it - both for your preparations and for the race.
  • Enjoy the ride and be proud of what you are doing!!!