Course time limit

The official course time limit is:

at 21.1 km (half way)

  • 3 hours net.

at 42.2 km (finish line)

  • 6 hours net.

Participants that have not yet passed the half marathon mark (21.1 km) after 3 hours net, or who are unable to finish within 6 hours net, are made aware that the race direction reserves the right to:

  • begin reopening roads to traffic, after which normal traffic rules and regulations must be complied with
  • begin removing course demarcation barriers (course maps can be requested from race officials)
  • begin shutting down hydration stations including toilets and medical aid
  • begin clearing the finish area along with stands with food and fluids
  • Further, goal video and race timing (incl. splits) can no longer be guaranteed


If you are unable to finish the race, it is important that you do not cross the finish line.

In case you need guidance or assistance to get to the finish area, report to a race official or to the medical staff at the hydration stations.