Præmiepengene ved Telenor CPH Marathon tredobles


Elite runners at this year’s Telenor Copenhagen Marathon will be competing for triple price money. The purpose of the price money increase is to attract more top elite athletes to ensure the IAAF Road Race Bronze Label.

Last year’s winners of the Telenor Copenhagen Marathon, Julius Ndiritu Karinga and Hana Teklu Zemedku, were rewarded with a price sum of 2000 USD, but this year the winner’s check will read 6000 USD.

International label requires a strong elite field

The price money has been increased due to the pursuit of an all-time strong elite field on the starting line on May 13th. This requires money prices of a considerable size.

“Last year’s race gave us a new men’s record, but the women’s field simply was not competitive enough for us to achieve the IAAF Road Race Bronze Label, which is one of our current objectives. That is why we are going all-in presenting some exciting international names of both male and female runners,” says Henrik Paulsen, competition director at Sparta Athletics &  Running, who is the organising club of the Telenor Copenhagen Marathon.

Domestic runner aims for race record

It has already been confirmed that Sylvia Kiberenge will be starting going for a race record attempt. This will require a sub 2:30.51 time, and seeing as Sylvia clocked  2:29.09 at the Frankfurt Marathon last year, a race record is within reach.

Sylvia Kiberenge ved Copenhagen Half Marathon 2017

Sylvia Kiberenge at the Copenhagen Half Maratho, which is also organized by Sparta Athletics & Running in collaboration with the Danish Athletics Federation.

“We are aiming for the IAAF Bronze Label and that requires a new race record for both men and women. To achieve this we have re-budgeted and tripled the price money for the winners to bring even better runners to the starting line”, says Henrik Paulsen.

Nuværende løbsrekorder ved Telenor CPH Marathon

Julius Ndiritu Karinga, KEN
Tid: 2.12.10
År: 2017

Colleen de Reuck, USA
Tid: 2.30. 51
År: 2010

Benefiting the race and the city

It is with the support of Sport Event Denmark and Wonderful Copenhagen that Telenor Copenhagen Marathon are now vigorously pursuing the prestigious IAAF Road Race Label. A Telenor Copenhagen Marathon on an international top-level will be able to strengthen Denmark’s brand as a top sports destination, thus boosting tourism and Denmark’s many cultural and sporting events.

Winner smashed a 30 year old race record