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Anders Brandt, who is a TV weather presenter, had a warm day together with 9,000 other runners at the Telenor CPH Marathon.

Even if Anders Brandt is an experienced runner, he couldn’t fight the force of the weather.

Temperatures at this year’s Telenor CPH Marathon surpassed 25 degrees Celcius, which is far from ideal for a marathon runner.

Weather presenter Anders Brandt was well aware of this, and as the sun gained more and more strength, it was not a hard decision for him to lower the pace.

“I’ve run quite a few marathons over the years, so I just lowered my pace and made sure to drink more,” explains Anders Brandt, who has run several times in Copenhagen.

Fortunately, Anders was not the only runner, who had taken the weather forecast seriously and prepared for a hot marathon race.

In general, we saw a good race without any particular problems or challenges to the participants nor the medical team.

“Our medical team has not had a particularly busy day at all. This tells us, that the runners might have adjusted to the heat over the past days or at least has taken the challenges related to the weather seriously,” says Dorte Vibjerg, director at Sparta Athletics and Running, which is the organising club of the Telenor Copenhagen Marathon.

At the Telenor Copenhagen Marathon, organisers deploy their own Sparta Medical Team with more than 20 doctors, who work side by side with the first aid staff from Danish Red Cross.

Cool down during the race

Looking at the number of runners, who did not finish the race, it is clear that the participants chose to run safely and not challenge themselves over their limits.

Only 455 of 7,883 starters didn’t make it across all the way through the 42.195 km, and this is not a high number at all.

That being said, many runners had a very warm day, which is why the organisers choose to send out recommendations to entrants about how to prepare for the heat. They also put up showers at every 3 – 4 kilometres for runners to be able to cool down during the race.

The ideal conditions for a perfect marathon is 14 degrees and no wind.

However, many runners report of personal records, which proves that other factors but the weather have an impact on your marathon performance.