17. May 2023

From the number of bananas to the oldest participant in the race and the finish time of the last participant at the finish line. Here are the Copenhagen Marathon 2023 in numbers.



That’s how many runners completed the Copenhagen Marathon 2023. It’s the highest number since the first race in 1980, except for 2019 when we had a record number of participants with 10,802 finishers.

444,173 kilometers
That’s how far the 10,233 finishers ran collectively in this year’s Copenhagen Marathon. It’s equivalent to running around the Earth 11 times – on a Sunday in May.

Average Age
The average age between men and women were very equal at this year’s race.
Men: 37.54 years
Women: 36.39 years
Overall: 37.25 years

1,200 volunteers

That’s how many volunteers helped make the Copenhagen Marathon a fantastic day for everyone.

1,500 liters of cola
There was a high demand for glasses of fizzy cola on Sunday. We can understand why.

15,000 bananas
That’s how many we had bought for the day. The ones that weren’t eaten were given to the company Banana CPH, which uses them to make bread, cake, and ice cream.

12,500 cups of coffee
Not all runners may have reached for a cup of coffee when they finished the Copenhagen Marathon, but the number also covers Friday, Saturday, and Sunday servings.

3,796 debutants

Out of the 10,233 finishers, 3,796 ran their first marathon. We are proud that so many have chosen to run their first marathon at the Copenhagen Marathon. Congratulations – you are marathon runners forever now!

Oldest female participant
The oldest participant at the Copenhagen Marathon this year was Doris Christensen from Denmark. She finished in 4:57:59, and we have no words to express how impressed we are by her achievement.

Oldest male participant
It’s impressive to run a marathon in 4:18:21 on a hot day in Copenhagen. And to do it at the age of 77 is nothing short of fantastic. Congratulations to Nils Persson from Sweden.

Pace in running shoes
The average time for men was 3:58:06. The average time for women was 4:17:04.

Equally fast

In the age group of 65-69 years, male and female runners were almost equally fast on average. The time for women was 4:41:28, while men finished the race on average in 4:42:48. It is the only age group where the average pace for men and women was the same.

That’s the time of the last runner at the Copenhagen Marathon 2023, who was received at the finish line by all the volunteers and staff at Sparta. Even if you’re last, you can have fought just as hard as the first runner.

The whole world in Copenhagen
There were no less than 104 different nationalities represented at the Copenhagen Marathon 2023.

Top 10 nations with the most participants

  1. Denmark: 6,483
  2. Sweden: 1,251
  3. United Kingdom: 777
  4. Norway: 533
  5. Germany: 456
  6. France: 386
  7. Belgium: 233
  8. USA: 222
  9. Italy: 175
  10. Spain: 149

Not surprisingly, there were the most Danes participating in the race. At the other end of the scale, a single runner had come all the way from the British Virgin Islands to be a part of it.

Thank you for an amazing Copenhagen Marathon 2023. See you in 2024!