Being ready at the starting line is the real achievement

If you need a reason to get up at 05:30 AM to do this, then we’d love to be that reason.

Get a head start on your training

Follow a training plan

Running a marathon requires a plan and a program that is well organised, so you don’t strain your body.

If you don’t have a training program already you are welcome to use one of ours. They are divided by level so it is easy to find one that fits you.

Find a running community

A running community can help structure your training and give you that extra motivation when the runs get longer.

Many running communities offers training in the months leading up to a marathon. You can find your running community below.


Plan your energy intake

Your body needs energy to keep going.
That’s why it’s important to eat and drink correctly – both during the marathon, but also in the days leading up to the race.