Cheer on the runners

Running a marathon requires both hard training and willpower, which is why having spectators, friends and family cheer the runners on is everything. It makes it all easier when they reach those tough kilometers.

Have a great day as spectators

There are plenty of reasons to cheer for your friends and family when they run a marathon. Besides making them happy it is also a really fun day for you as a spectator. You can even pick up a cheer card at the Copenhagen Marathon Expo in the days prior to really let the many thousands runners know you are there for them.

There are several entertainment sports and power zones along the course, which are perfect areas for those cheering on the runners. The zones are filled with entertainment for all ages and great atmosphere. Explore the course to find the different entertainment spots and power zones.

During the day a lot also happens in the start and finish area. Amongst other you have the option to see the elite runners cross the finish line and watch the prize ceremony. Look up all the key events so you don’t miss anything.


Get around

Leave the car

We advise against driving on race day as several roads and parking lots will be blocked.


Go by foot or bike

The easiest way to move around is on foot or by biking. It is possible to cross the course when the runners are not passing by.


Use Public transportation

Get around easily by using public transportation. You can travel by bus, metro and S-train but be aware that several bus routes do not run regularly on race day.

Check out the cheap and flexible event ticket options below.

Transport: Get around easily and cheap on race day

The easiest way to get to and from the starting area is by public transportation – especially the metro.

DOT (Your Public Transportation) has created a special event ticket for Copenhagen Marathon. With the ticket, you can save money and use public transportation unlimited for 12 hours. The ticket is available to everyone and comes in two sizes.

Small event ticket:
Covers Copenhagen city center including Copenhagen Airport (zones 1-4).

Large event ticket:
Covers the entire metropolitan area including Copenhagen city center (zone 1-99).

The event ticket must be purchased in the DOT app. The app is free and can be downloaded by scanning the QR code on the left or by clicking the button below.

If you already have the app, simply scan the code or tap the button. This will take you directly to the ticket page in the app.

Track the runners

In the Copenhagen Marathon app you can search for a person’s bib number or name and track them live. Make sure press follow so you don’t miss anything.

Send a video greeting

In the days before the race you can use the app to send video greeting to the runners you are cheering for. Then they can get that bit of extra spirit before the race or become even prouder of their achievements.

Meet the runners in Runners’ Area

You will have the opportunity to find the runners you are cheering for in the Runners’ Area after they have crossed the finish line.
Here you can all enjoy the marathon atmosphere and reload on snacks while you watch the rest of the race on the big screen.