Find your start group and pace team

Start groups

To ensure that everyone gets the best start, all participants are divided into different start groups based on their expected finish time. Each start group has a color, and the color of your start group is marked on your race bib.

Please be realistic when setting your expected finish time, so you are placed in the start group that fits your pace – it’s neither fun to pass or be passed by a lot of runners the first kilometers.

You can change your expected finish time on your entry profile.

Pace teams

You have the option to follow our pace teams all the way from start to finish. Our experienced pacers will help you maintain a steady pace, keep your motivation going and not least reach your desired finish time.

In the table you can see which pace teams will be available in your startΒ group.

On race day, please find your pace team by looking for the balloons in the same color as your start group. The pace teams will be located in the respective start groups and have their finish time written on their balloons.

Start group

Start group color

Pace team (finish time)

Under 3h

πŸ”΄ Red

3h – 3h 30min

🟑 Yellow



🟑 Yellow

3h 10min


🟑 Yellow

3h 20min

3h 30min – 3h 50min

🟒 Green

3h 30min


🟒 Green

3h 40min

3h 50min – 4h 10min

πŸ”΅ Blue

3h 50min


πŸ”΅ Blue


4h 10min – 4h 40min

🟠 Orange

4h 10min


🟠 Orange

4h 20min


🟠 Orange

4h 30min

Over 4h 40min

🟣 Purple

4h 40min


🟣 Purple

4h 50min


🟣 Purple