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Largest marathon in Denmark

By becoming a partner of the Copenhagen Marathon, you will have the opportunity to expose your brand to an attractive target group – both on the day of the race, where we have many thousands of participants, but also in the months leading up to race day where we have concepts such as group training and side events created for the runners and their families.

Exposure at Copenhagen Marathon

12.000 participants

46% international participants

74,3 % male and 25,7 % female

25-29 years old as the biggest age group

+100.000 spectators on race day



12.300 Instagram followers

33.000 Facebook followers

47.000 active app users

121.000 users on

Photo and video

21.000 diploma downloads

900 celebration photos

30.00 live photos. Exposed over 650.000 times

39.000 LiveTV streams

+ 5.300 viewers on Eurosport (Denmark, UK, USA & Canada and Germany)

More than just a race

For more than 40 years Copenhagen Marathon has been part of setting the running scene in the Danish capital and the race has established itself as one of the most prestigious sport events in Copenhagen. Copenhagen Marathon has become a strong international community, that attracts more and more international participants and their families who want to experience the 42.195 km in Copenhagen.

Lets have a talk

We work closely together from idea to execution with our partners, to ensure that we find the best brand match that creates value for both parties. Over the years, we have worked with several different brands and developed the collaboration together, see examples below.

You are very welcome to contact us for an initial dialogue about a possible partnership, and how we can find the best match between you and us.

Examples of exposure at the Copenhagen Marathon
Power zones

You can have a power zone on the course which all participants will pass on the 42,195 km.


Copenhagen Marathon Expo

All participants must pick up their start packet at the expo in the days before race day.

Get exposure by having your name on e.g. our medal, which all Copenhagen Marathon finishers get.


Are you interested in a partnership with Copenhagen Marathon or across Sparta Athletics & Running’s events?

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