“Fantastic race! Lovely course! Incredible atmosphere!”
19. September 2023

We caught up with some of the participants at the finish line of the Copenhagen Marathon 2023 to hear what they thought about the race. This is what they answered.


Henriette Lisse, Denmark

“I think it’s a really cool course. You got to see a lot of the city. It was great, especially for tourists. Store Kongensgade was amazing. The route deserves a lot of praise. We talked about it many times in the group I was running with. And the volunteers along the route were incredibly kind and helpful. They were great at the aid stations and also at the expo. The new system of printing numbers worked really well. It was super professional.”

Aurelien Mazin, France

“It was a fantastic race. It was my first marathon, and it was tougher than I had expected, but fortunately, there were plenty of water and energy stations along the route, so it was perfect. And there are just so many spectators cheering you on along the way. It’s incredible, and it really makes a difference. An amazing race!”

“The atmosphere and support along the course was incredible.” – Lucy Meyers, England



Caroline McCulloch, England

“I love this race! Everyone was so friendly, and the volunteers were fantastic. And there was just so much support from the spectators along the course. I even encountered a mother duck with her ducklings. I had to stop to film them. So, along with the course, it was the epitome of Copenhagen. The expo was also fantastic. Everyone was so friendly, and there was a genuine desire to engage with each other – there was a really nice marathon camaraderie. So, I truly believe it’s a marathon where kindness is paramount.”

Lucy Meyers, England

“It was an amazing race. It was very calm, very professionally organized, with plenty of water and everything else you needed along the way. The atmosphere and support along the course were also incredible. Whenever I struggled, there were always a lot of spectators cheering me on and giving me energy. Everything was just amazing. It was my first marathon, so I was very nervous about how it would go. But it went well. I came to Copenhagen to become a marathon runner. I am one now – and I always will be.”

“You get to see a lot of the city, and Danish people really know how to turn a race into a celebration.”
– Craig Healy, USA



Craig Healy, USA

“It was an amazing race and a lovely course. You get to see a lot of the city, and the Danes really know how to turn a race into a celebration. The volunteers were fantastic as well. I have participated in several marathons around the world, and the helpers in Copenhagen were simply excellent – both at the Expo and along the course. I will definitely run the Copenhagen Marathon again, but first, I need to have a cold Danish beer!”

Maria Holtze, Denmark

“I think that the new course is better than the old one. It’s really nice and very flat, which I believe is good for setting a personal record. It also worked really well to run over Dronning Louises Bro and out of Nørrebrogade instead of running towards the city as before. And there were some good pacemakers as well.”

“I love this race! Everyone was so friendly, and the volunteers were amazing.”
– Caroline McCulloch, England


Sabine Beck, Denmark

“I thought it was a really great route. There were many good spots with music, and it was well distributed, so you always had something to look forward to. The last kilometers were tough, but you almost forget about it when you approach the finish line and there are so many spectators cheering for you.”

Jacob Simonsen, National Marathon Champion 2023

“I thought it was a really good route. It wasn’t very hilly, and there were almost no cobblestones. I remember a hill around the 11-kilometer mark, but it was fine, and I managed to get through it really well, so it was a great race.”