New platform for the resale of starting numbers coming soon
10. January 2024

Are you one of those who didn’t manage to get a starting number for CPH Marathon 2024? And are you tempted to buy one, for example, on Facebook? Then you should wait until the beginning of February when we launch a new and secure resale platform.

Are you one of the unfortunate ones who didn’t manage to secure a starting number for the Copenhagen Marathon 2024? Then we recommend that you wait until early February before buying or obtaining a starting number from another runner. At that time, we will launch a brand new and secure platform where sellers will be verified, allowing you to feel confident in the purchasing process.

The need for a secure resale platform
Shortly after CPH Half sold out last year, a new type of inquiries emerged on social media for the first time: People looking to buy or sell starting numbers for the race. Unfortunately, some individuals were deceived in their pursuit of these coveted starting numbers.

Therefore, it quickly became clear to us that there was a significant need for a secure resale platform, where runners can list their numbers for sale, and buyers can feel secure in the process. This year, CPH Marathon sold out for the first time ever, and based on our experience from CPH Half, we anticipate a market where people will be searching diligently for these sought-after starting numbers.

When you want to sell your starting number, you log in to the resale platform, where you can list your number for sale. As a buyer, this ensures that the seller is approved in our system, reducing the risk of purchasing a fake starting number.

Therefore, we recommend that you refrain from buying a starting number from others until the new platform goes live in early February. Feel free to reach out to us at [email protected] if you have any questions.

Keep an eye on our website, newsletter, and social media channels, where we will provide more information when the new platform is active.