Everyone is welcome

Are you looking for a running community while training for the marathon? Come run the long run of the week with other runners in a motivational and inspiring community. It is free to be a part of the group training.

Run with a community

The training is organised for you to get ready for the 42.195 km in May, but it is not a requirement that you participate in the Copenhagen Marathon. You are also welcome if you like to run longer distances or maybe have a dream of one day running a marathon.

See the running clubs offering group training for the Copenhagen Marathon right here (link to danish page).

What you need to know

The majority of the running clubs and communities start in January. Some run every Saturday or Sunday while others run one or two times a month. Almost all the running clubs offer memberships if you would like to run more often with them.


The runs typically start at around 10 km and peak at 25-30 km about 3 weeks before race day. The distances are often divided into laps of 4-5 km, so it is also possible to join if you want to run shorter distances.

Pace groups

The crew typically split up into different pace groups ranging from 4:30 – 6:30 min/km pace to fit runners at almost all levels – also if you are a relatively new runner.