Tips and tricks to find your flow

The trainer’s best advices

Christian Friis is an elite running coach at Sparta Athletics & Running. For Christian Friis, it is important that you everyday life and training fits together. Here are his best advices on how to succeed with your marathon training.

1. Training for a marathon is a slow process

Remember go take time out to the things that makes you and your family happy. Take the bike to work, go for a swim or a walk in the woods with your family – it is all exercise or at least restitution.

2. Buy a good pair of shoes

So you get a good start on your training. Get some advice if needed there are plenty of good running stores with competent employees that can help you.

3. Find a running community

In a busy everyday life, there is plenty of motivation and training inspiration to get from a running community. Maybe you can join a local running club or hook up with some neighbours, friends or work colleagues?

4. Get into a routine

A lot of us function well with routines. It gives you stability and makes it easier to get your training done. Find out what helps you to start and manage a new routine so you don’t let it go.

5. Diet and sleep

Don’t ignore your diet and your sleep, as you increase your training. Your energy and sleep demand will increase, and you will automatically need to focus more on your diet and get more sleep.

6. Vary your distances

So you don’t run 5 km every time e.g. run 5 + 5 km during the week and 10 km in the weekend. The body responds better to varied training.

Increase the number of kilometers per week by a maximum of 10% – 15%.