Information for Elite B + C on Race Day

On this page, Elite B and Elite C runners can find practical information for Race Day.


You will find:

  • Information about your bib number
  • How to find the Expo
  • The schedule for Race Day on May 5
  • Personal fluid drop-off
  • The pacers for Copenhagen Marathon
How to collect your starter kit and race bib 

You must pick up your race packet at the Copenhagen Marathon Expo. Start by picking up your Race Bag and your Nike Dri-FIT CPH42 T-shirt in the long white tent in front of the Expo. You need to use the QR code in your start card, which you have received by email, to get your race bag.

Afterwards you need your bib (start number). The procedure is slightly different depending on whether you are Elite B or C:

Bib pick up
Elite B
As an Elite B runner, you need to pick up your start number at the Help Desk. The Help Desk is located in the small white tent on the square – to the right of the long white tent.

Seeded DM runner (Elite C)
As a Seeded DM runner (Elite C), you need to collect your start number and your Championship back label from the Help Desk located in the small white tent on the square – to the right of the long white tent.

DM runner (Unseeded)
If you are a DM runner (non-seeded), you must pick up your start number inside the Expo hall. In addition, you must pick up your DM back number at the Help Desk. You will find the Help Desk in the white tent on the square – to the right of the long white tent.


Sparta Hallen 
Gunnar Nu Hansens Pl. 11 
DK-2100 Copenhagen 
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Expo Opening Hours

May 3, 12 PM – 7 PM 
May 4, 10 AM – 7 PM 

Useful maps of the area
Help Desk & Race Bag pick up

The Help Desk and the Race Bag pickup can be found in the white tents

Check in personal refreshments

See where you can hand in your personal refreshments on race day.

Entrance to the elite tent

The elite tent is placed in the Runners Area – close to the starting line.

Race Day Schedule

7:30 – 8:00 AM
Hand-in of personal refreshments is open. 

8:00 – 9:15 AM 
Possibility to warm up in the park where the start and finish area is located or relax in the elite tent 

9:20 AM 
The Elite start area opens. The Elite B an C entrance is through the elite tent.

9:27 AM 
Elite B and C Athletes are to line up behind the starting line 

9:30 AM 
Race start

Praktical information

Personal refreshment 

You have the option to bring personal refreshments, which must be handed in between 7:30 and 8:00 AM on race day. The personal refrehments are removed exactly at 8:00 AM. 

Personal refreshments are handed in next to the Expo building on PH Lings Allé. Here you will find boxes with kilometer marks on correpsonding to the refreshment zones.

Find all information about the refreshment zones here. 

Make sure your bottles stand out so you can recognize them again during the race.

Notice! As an elite athlete, you are responsible for taking your own fluids when you reach the refreshment zones. No help/assistance is allowed.   

Shoe declaration 

The current World Athletics rules for shoes apply, including a maximum stack height of 40 mm. Please make sure that your shoes meet the current requirements. You can see which shoes are eligible here. 

Technical meeting 

There will not be a technical meeting for elite B and C athletes. All important information can be found on our webpage

Race bibs 

All Elite B and C athletes must pick-up their race bib at the Help Desk and not at the regular bib pick up. The Help desk is located outside the Expo Hall next to the T-shirt pick-up station. 

Back label

If you participate in the Danish championship, you must pick up a separate back label for this at the Help Desk. The label must be on your back during the race.

Elite tent 

All elite B and C athletes have access to the elite tent which is placed right at the starting line up.

You can store your race bag in the elite tent. There will be personel from Copenhagen Marathon to watch the bags in the tent, which is open from 7:30 AM to 1:30 PM. 

To race start 

Elite B and C athletes are let to the start through the elite tent. The start area will open at 9:20 AM. There is  limited space to warm up once you are there. 

After you finish 

When you finish you can either go directly into the elite tent or through the start street where you can pick up your post race snacks.

You can always enter the elite tent through the main entrance as long as you are wearing your elite B og C  race bib.  

Please remember to pick up your race bag if you have stored it in the elite tent before the tent closes. 

Pacers at the Copenhagen Marathon
Alexander Nielsen
Finish time: 2:30.00
5km. 17:46
10km. 35:33
15km. 53:19
20km. 71:06
25km. 1:28:52
30km. 1:46:39

Jack Gray

Finish time: 2.26.59
5km. 17.25

10km. 34.50
15km. 52.15
20km. 69.40
25km. 1.27.05
30km. 1.44.30 

Jake Allen

Finish time: 2.22.30
5km. 16.53
0km. 33.46
15km. 50.39
20km. 67.33
25km. 1.24.26
30km. 1.41.19 

Zerei Kbrom

Finish time: 2.09.59
5km. 15.24
10km. 30.48
15km. 46.12
20km. 61.37
25km. 1.17.01
30km. 1.32.25

Mathew Chekwurui

Finish time: 2.07.30  
5km. 15.07
10km. 30.13
15km. 45.20
20km. 1:00:26
25km. 1.15.38
30km. 1.30.39