4. May 2023

Relax with family and friends after the marathon in our new Runner’s Area. This is what you can look forward to.

We have a surprise for you. At Copenhagen Marathon this year you can relax in the new Runner’s Area. It is a wonderful area that we have set up in Fælledparken – next to the finish line – where you can relax on the grass and enjoy the atmosphere before, during and after the race. Therefore, it is also an obvious place for your friends and family to enjoy themselves while they wait for you to reach the finish line.

In the Runner’s Area, it will be possible to buy food and drink from food trucks. For example, you can enjoy delicious empanadas from Lima Empanadas or try fresh pita and durum from Z-In 2go. In addition, we recommend stopping by Red Bull’s large teepee, where there will be samples to give you an extra shot of energy.

It will also be possible to follow the race directly on a large screen in the square. Remember to download the Copenhagen Marathon app, where you can select and follow the runners you know. You can read more about the app here.

Don’t miss all this in the Runner’s Area:

Celebration Photo
You are a marathon runner – and no one can ever take that away from you. We are ready to take a great picture of you – free of charge – so come and have your big day immortalized with your well-deserved medal around your neck.

PR Bell
Have you set a personal best? It should be celebrated! Come and ring the bell so everyone knows how well you did.

Bend and stretch
It is a good idea to move the body a little after a long run. Between 14 – 16 PureGym invites you to a wonderful and guided stretch in front of the stage. There is a start every fifteen minutes, and everyone can join. And it’s free.

Luggage storage
We take good care of your luggage while you run. When you reach the finish line, it’s a good idea to get out of your running shoes and into some dry clothes – preferably before your legs get too stiff.

If you feel unwell after the race, or if you otherwise need treatment afterwards, we have a team ready to help you in the medic tent.

Help desk
Do you have any questions? Is there anything you have doubts about? Come and ask. Our help desk is open all day and we are ready to help you.

We look forward to seeing you, your family and all your friends for a lovely day in the Runner’s Area!

PS: The Runner’s Area is also open on Saturdays, where there is a Mini Marathon for young and old, as well as free yoga in front of the stage from 10-11. Bring your own yoga mat and try yoga under the open sky.