Train to complete the 42.195 km

Am I able to train for a marathon?

To run a marathon is a great achievement, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t do it too.

As a rule of thumb you will have the best prerequisite if you are able to run 7-8 km without problems 6 months in advance. It is an advantage if you have been running steadily for a period of time.

If you are practising other forms of sport, it may be sufficient if you can run 5 km. Most forms of sport  contribute positively to your fitness level, so don’t be put off if you only run 5 km but otherwise is in good shape.

However, the most important factor of being succesfull in your training is that you are motivated. As with everything else, it is the will that gets your through. If you have the dream, you can do it – often the motivation and willpower grow as you experience progress.

This is also why having a clear goal from the start helps, therefore ssk yourself: ‘Do I want to complete the race, do I want to have fun while doing it or maybe even do I want to run fast and aim for a new personal record?’

The 3 training phases

1. Basic training

This phase is all about stability, routine, and kilometers. The aim is to achieve a basic level of fitness, running about 25 – 30 km per week, getting used to running steadily and increasing your physical capacity.

2. Specific training

In the specific training phase you need to run at least 30-40 kilometers per week in order to get used to the longer distances. At the same time you should add shorter intervals, speed runs, and long slow distance runs to your training plan.

3. Tapering

About 3 weeks before race day, you should run your longest run during your marathon training plan. From here, you must begin tapering in order to recover properly and be fit for race day.

Download an 18-week long training plan


If you can currently run about 10 km.
If you train 2-3 times a week.


If you are currently running 10-15 km.
If you train 3-5 times a week.


If you are currently running 15 km or more.
If you train about 5 times a week.

First time runners

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