Training plans

Get in shape to run the CPH Marathon. For most regular runners, it should be possible to go from 8-10 km to 42.195 km with 18 weeks of dedicated training.

Choose your training plan for entry, improvers or advanced level.

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Official group training

Gratis Fællestræning med Sparta hver søndag frem mod Telenor Copenhagen Marathon

The official and free Copenhagen-based training for the Copenhagen Marathon starts on Sunday, November 13, and is open to everyone – no matter your pace or level.

What you get

  Free training every Sunday at 9:30 am from Sunday, November 13
Pace teams ranging from 4:30 to 6:30 min/km 15 seconds apart
Distances from 10 to 30 kilometres and hydration stations along the course or after the training

Learn more about the official group training here

 Local training communities

Brug Nike Marathontest 1-2-3 som testløb op til Telenor Copenhagen Marathon

Want to join a free training community near you? Check out the list of local running communities training for the Copenhagen Marathon. The local training communities are organized by Sparta Athletics & Running and supported by Nordea-fonden.

See all local training communities

Beginner's Guide

Start maratondrømmen – sådan kommer du i gang

Are you dreaming of a marathon debut in the streets of Copenhagen?

Preparing for a marathon doesn't have to be that complicated. Read this simple beginner's guide on how to approach the marathon challenge and take your first steps towards becoming a marathon finisher.

Read the beginner's guide to marathon here

Train with Nike+ Run Club

Be a part of the NIKE+ Run Club to get a personally fitted training plan for your level and goal. You can also download the NRC app here.

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