Training plan

Be a part of the NIKE+ Run Club community to get training plans fitted for your current level and goal. You can also get the NRC app here.

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Official training

The official and free Copenhagen-based training for the Telenor Copenhagen Marathon starts first Sunday of November and is open to everyone – no matter your pace or level.

What you get

 - Free training every Sunday at 9:30 am starting first Sunday of November
- Pace teams ranging from 4:15 to 7:00 min/km 15 seconds apart
- Distances from 13 to 30 kilometres and hydration stations along the course or after the training 

Learn more about the official group training here


Local training communities – new locations in 2018

Want to join a free training community near you? Check out the list of new local running communities training for the Telenor Copenhagen Marathon  

See all local training communities

Test races

We recommend that you incorporate at least a couple of test races into your training plan towards the Telenor CPH Marathon. Use your test race results as a guideline to continuously adjust your training plan and your race goals while gaining experience in crafting and executing a race plan.

For instance, you can run the Nike test race series consisting of four 10 to 25 km races from January to April.

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